Wednesday, November 21, 2012

husband dependency syndrome

a single friend asked why married ladies develop 'husband dependency' after getting married whilst she lived alone (single life) for the past 20++ years before end up living with that man??

she asked out of curiosity why girlfriends end up entertaining their husband more than their friends.

once you get married you will realize that you really miss your girlfriends especially when you try to tell him the most exciting thing that happened to you that day with full of emotions and then he reply 'um'. sometime without looking at you.

BANG! you feel like you want to shoot yourself. haha

compared to what girlfriends will respond if you tell them the same story. the chat will be more alive and further exaggeration will lead to laughter and more smile.

i don't have any answer. maybe you will know once you get married :)

but i do miss all my friends and feel better when husband is around.

tamak haloba. sume nak.hehe