Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rx- white phosphorus

Rx-is a term used in medical prescription means 'take' used before the names of medcine is written

Its been ages since i write anything here..i guess. the third week of this new semester seems like the beginning of everything. the first two weeks was blessed with a lot of holiday and i also skip 2 days classes..to get my D license and once i paste the P sticker, enthusiastically drove my dad n my sis to kuala terengganu. wah, life was and is GREAT! this week: poured by endless laboratory report. teruk sem ni. every week i got lab and have to submit the report in a week. jz done with physical pharmacy report..n many more is waiting.huhu. may i jz send my report in my blog here.huhu
white phosphorus..used by Israeli soldiers to attack Palestinian. what izit??

Israel Accused Of Using White Phosphorus In Gaza
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A leading human rights group on Saturday accused Israel of using white-phosphorus munitions during its offensive in the Gaza Strip and warned of the risk to civilians near the fighting.

Human Rights Watch said in a statement that its researchers in Israel observed multiple air-bursts on Jan. 9 and Jan. 10 of artillery-fired white phosphorus near the city of Gaza and the Jabalya refugee camp.

The group said Israel appeared to be using white phosphorus to hide military operations -- "a permissible use in principle under international humanitarian law".

"However, white phosphorus has a significant, incidental, incendiary effect that can severely burn people and set structures, fields, and other civilian objects in the vicinity on fire. The potential for harm to civilians is magnified by Gaza's high population density, among the highest in the world," Human Rights Watch said.

It called on Israel to stop the practice.

An Israeli army spokesman had no immediate comment.

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White Phosphorus (WP), known as Willy Pete, is used for signaling, screening, and incendiary purposes. White Phosphorus can be used to destroy the enemy's equipment or to limit his vision. It is used against vehicles, petroleum, oils and lubricants (POL) and ammunition storage areas, and enemy observers. WP can be used as an aid in target location and navigation. It is usually dispersed by explosive munitions. It can be fired with fuze time to obtain an airburst. White phosphorus was used most often during World War II in military formulations for smoke screens, marker shells, incendiaries, hand grenades, smoke markers, colored flares, and tracer bullets.

WP is a colorless to yellow translucent wax-like substance with a pungent, garlic-like smell. The form used by the military is highly energetic (active) and ignites once it is exposed to oxygen. White phosphorus is a pyrophoric material, that is, it is spontaneously flammable).
When exposed to air, it spontaneously ignites and is oxidized rapidly to phosphorus pentoxide. Such heat is produced by this reaction that the element bursts into a yellow flame and produces a dense white smoke. Phosphorus also becomes luminous in the dark, and this property is conveyed to "tracer bullets." This chemical reaction continues until either all the material is consumed or the element is deprived of oxygen. Up to 15 percent of the WP remains within the charred wedge and can reignite if the felt is crushed and the unburned WP is exposed to the atmosphere.
White phosphorus results in painful chemical burn injuries. The resultant burn typically appears as a necrotic area with a yellowish color and characteristic garliclike odor. White phosphorus is highly lipid soluble and as such, is believed to have rapid dermal penetration once particles are embedded under the skin. Because of its enhanced lipid solubility, many have believed that these injuries result in delayed wound healing. This has not been well studied; therefore, all that can be stated is that white phosphorus burns represent a small subsegment of chemical burns, all of which typically result in delayed wound healing.
The amazing thing is that White Phosphorus is used in almost every product imaginable – from soft drinks to toothpaste. White phosphorus is used by industry to produce phosphoric acid and other chemicals for use in fertilizers, food additives, and cleaning compounds. Small amounts of white phosphorus were used in the past in pesticides and fireworks.
In recent years, concentrated phosphoric acids, which may contain as much as 70% to 75% P2O5 content, have become of great importance to agriculture and farm production. World-wide demand for fertilizers has caused record phosphate production. Phosphates are used in the production of special glasses, such as those used for sodium lamps.

Shortly, before our IIUM kuantan mega assembly, it was farah who called me and asked whether she should go to the assembly as it was also held at IIUM pj because she’s going to have her exam that night..to farah and others out there..come, let us show our simple moral supports to our Muslim’s brothers and sisters who suffers a lot. Comparing to their situation and our simple obstacles here, it was nothing.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009


hujan renyai- renyai tak berhenti henti di kuantan. penangan musim tengkujuh. beberapa teman dari pantai barat berkata pertama kali mereka merasai pengalaman hujan yang tak pernah berhenti begini..seorang teman lagi berkata kita cuma hujan air tetapi saudara- saudara seislam kita menerima hujan PELURU DAN BOM!!!