Saturday, May 19, 2012

prestige pregnant diary

12/ 5/2012
it was my 12th day of my period of amenorrhea. I am excited to do Urine pregnancy Test. That very early morning, i did was confusing at first but end up both double strips appear, its POSITIVE! Wah..dear baby, thinking about you inside my tummy is really exciting. 
Papa burn a cd, he labeled it as preg-1..indicate mama’s first contains quranic recitation and ‘good’ songs for both of us..thank you papa <3

papa n mama went to klinik kesihatan kurnia, i am a little bit afraid at first...alhamdulullah, the result is really positive, you are really there dear =)
The staff nurse asked me to come back in a week time, that night i lamented that a week might be too long.u may become bigger without proper care. Papa smiled and brought out all his obsteric text book, log book n note book. He started to show me the details of every stage of preganancy. What a relief dear baby, you are still small, only 2mm on this day. I got nothing to worry. I am going to study all papa’s book. Not tonight, because mama got OSCE exam tomorrow. Eat well, grow well dear =)
Pray for me tomorrow..i believe everything’s gonna be alright because u r here with me.
Love from mama &papa <3

ok, now I don’t know what happened. No morning sickness but I began crying of nothing. ‘Anxious mother’ papa said, the first time mother feeling. I can’t wait till next week so I made a lot of fuss and went to IIUM Clinic. The nurse said, it’s still too early just 6 weeks. I said..alah, boleh lah =)
Yeah, next the third positive UPT tests come out. Hehe.’ Nurse, dah 3 kali saya check..i need a doctor’. Mujur doktor baik. I need to do OGTT every three month because we have family history of DM dear baby, don’t worry, ALLAH ada. BP is normal 120/70 and she gave me folic acid. Thank you doctor!
A lot of mama’s friends are congratulating me. I have a lot of good and solehah friends. Insya ALLAH berkat doa semua org my dear baby will grow well with the grace of ALLAH.
Final exam is coming, let’s study together because we will together heading for convocation this October =)