Tuesday, September 18, 2012

24th weeks

It was an interesting 24th week pregnancy check up. I thought I went to klinik on the right day, not knowing
that I am a week late from my appointment date. Nurse said ‘ kena tgk sokmo buku merah ni, x leh
tersilap’..huhu,sori misi (^_^)

It was interesting because my hemoglobin level drop to 10.0 gm %, I told the nurse that I took hematinic 
capsule, Zincofer. I don’t take the combination of folic acid, ferrous fumarate, ascorbic acid and vitamin B
complex that I got previously because there are sooooooo manyyy.. I did not comply to all those. :P

Besides, my hemoglobin level previously was ok..11, 12.. so I am at ease. 

Now the situation is different because the baby is bigger, baby need hemoglobin, I need hemoglobin..both of 
us fight for oxygen to continue survive.hehe. I was lectured on the dangerous of anemia, what should I eat to 
increase my iron level.. and I was referred to doctor because the hemoglobin is low. Euwww, I don’t like
because it will increase my waiting time…I am starving. Kreuk2..bunyi perut.hehe. 

The only drawback of government clinic is that u need to wait tooooooooooooo long to meet the nurses n
doctors. But the service is very satisfying, the nurses are very experienced and they are very concern. Last 
month,  I went back to Kubang Kerian for raya and did not come to clinic. They called. Puan, nape x dtg
klinik ni? Ops..sori misi, sy balik kg. jgn risau, sy g klinik dekat rumah sy.hehe.

When I meet the doctor, she asked what is Zincofer. I am not used to that. U bought it at pharmacy? I said
no. She then told me that if I insisted to take Zincofer, I should combine it with ferrous fumarate. I said ok.

But deep inside my heart, I think both doctor n nurses should refer to pharmacist in charge, ask her what is
‘this Zincofer’ thing and maybe suggest me to stop taking it and asked me to start back taking all those
sooooooo manyyyy ubat. Hoho. I am not satisfied, I am calling back the pharmacist who gave me the
medication to ask her clarification. Done.

The next interesting thing is I heard my baby pulse. Huhu. Misi Tanya dengar tak nadi yg slow belakang yang
kuat tu? Saya jawab dengar. Itu bunyi baby. J Masya Allah, Subhanallah. Thank You ALLAH J

The next thing is I was injected with tetanus toxoid. Walla, terkejutnya, sampai2 terus kena cucuk.
Misi, ni untuk apa? Sakit x?hehe. misi kata kebas 3-5 hari. Sy senyap. Tiba2 rasa takut plak. Err, btol kebas
3-5 hari? 'atas orang la, misi cakap” ok, I know I am strong. Everything will be ok.positive, positive.

Misi tanya, awk dtg nge suami kan? Takut x leh bwk kete. Eh, sy dtg sendiri..alamak, teruk sgt ke? 
Xpelah, rumah sy dekat je.lgpun body sy selalu ok je kalu ada pape. Positive lagi, positive lagi.haha

Syukur sume ok je Cuma hari ni rasa kebas sket2..biasalah kan? :)
I need to come again the next 2 week for my next OGTT. Eyekkk. I don’t like OGTT L
Thank You ALLAH for everything, Alhamdulillah J