Friday, July 11, 2008


Anyone would like to ask me how does it feel to be in Kuantan and attend class for the whole week? It was a termendous tiring week for me. All first year bachelor of pharmacy student (B. pharm) have class from 8am to 6pm every day. I tell you..even medical student don’t have any class during evening..doing pharmacy is cool isn’t it?. Meeting all new lectures from all part of the world, take me some times to ‘adapt’ with their way of pronouncing english word and understanding their way of likes and dislikes in class. The third time dr qamar pronounces the word pharmaceutical is the moment I tell myself ‘oh, what he’s saying is ‘pharmaceutical’.it’s quiet different from the way I used to pronounce it. Apart from other class that I feel like being in chemistry and biology class in pj is pharmacy practise subject. The first thing madam halimah tell us in class is ‘ I am a pharmasict and I’m going to teach you the knowledge that only pharmasict will know.’I tell myself..waaaaaaaaah,this is great! Every time she introduce us various types of dosages and way to apply medication she will say ‘interesting,isn’t it?’. Her lectures is indeed VERY INTERESTING,with everyone being interactive and responsive especially brothers.i cannot stop myself from laughing when she told class that the same meaning for the word compatibility is ‘sekung’ in kelantanese slanga, she told us that she must know the way to speak malay in kelantanese slanga properly otherwise she will be daughter out law rather than daughter in law.=)
Dr abdul razak is also a very interesting man. He curses us to change into SPONGEBOB or PATRICK or SQUIDWOOD if we betray our oath that we say during taaruf..also asking us to lend our hand and give ‘kerjasama’ like WONDER PET did to ensure the good biah in Kuantan campus remain as he is the dean of student affair. Except for no note distribution like other lecturer..he said ‘if I give you everything, you are going to do nothing and not even come to my class’..i’m happy learning in his class. Ops, we are going to have tutorials next week…not study yet, (frankly, quiet difficult and torturing without notes=) I remember he told us how great it is to do B.Pharm. he has a degree in (medical bachelor and bachelor of surgery) MBBS.he is a medical doctor. He told us “if I was given chance to be young again and start a new first year back like all all of you, I will do pharmacy instead of MBBS.” He even elobarate to us in term of philosophy, theory and practical ‘why pharmacy is a better choice”. In a materialistic view, being a doctor you get lisence to kill but being a pharmasict give you lisence to sell. Who get more profit?? =) The process of learning is a process to know yourself and deliver our mission as ‘abdALLAh and his vicegerent.
Prof Jalal is another part of intresting story here. He’s not a Malay and it really great to hear him saying lots of Malay word during our anatomy lecture. He is favorable among us. He told us ‘I am a duda who have nobody to talk with at home’,he told us us how he dedicate his entire time teaching anatomy and make all his students get A.
Bahasa melayu lecture is THE MOST GREAT class to attend here. My lecturer is a chinese man.the whole class laugh to death when our lecturer tell us that he call power point as ‘titik berkuasa’. I just realize that I did not hear anything in Malay formaly especially in class for almost 3 make me smile to familiarise myself back that presentation is pembentangan, assignment is tugasan, mid sem exam is peperiksaan pertengahan semester. I remember iqa’s father told me to never underestimate your own language. Dr bala Yauri even told us during our first briefing to kuliyyah of pharmacy that Malay is our mother tounge and no one is going to take it from us. Cintailah Bahasa Melayu. Anyway, it’s a killing subject althought with only 1 contact hour, the highest rank that we can have is only A-. there is no A+ here.A+ is only deserve for ALLAH.
Studying in pharmacy school here we have to learn all basic medical sciences knowledge including anotomy and physiology.this subjects was not thought in other pharmcy school. Our dean, Prof tariq said we are the leading pharmacy school in this country, thus learning all these subjects is required. Kuliyyah of pharmacy is moving towards industrial pharmaceutical other than clinical pharmacy, we are going to invent medcine that is going to be sell other than just going to be used by ourself.
Yet, there are still more lecturer to tell..we have a lot of lecturer for the same subject. They lecture us according to their speciality and timetable is subject to change every week.
This process of acquiring knowledge must be taken whole heartedly and sincerely. Be honest to yourself.



maryam said...

salam.when i read your post, it made me remember of my 1st sem 1st year. so exhausting yet at the end it becomes a great experience with all the sweet memories.anyway wish you all da best =)

Q_282 said...

izit true dat my father said so??
or r u having another iqa?
neway,it`s reli nice to know dat u r enjoying ur course..
though it`s tiring,but it`ll be d least of d problems..
im sure there are more..i might say..boundaries for u to just concern more priority..
isn`t it?
`nothing is easy in dis world`
dats ur quote to me before..
now im giving u mine.
`have faith in everything u sure there`ll be a tremendous achievement by doing so`.
take care,dovey..
can`t wait to read another post from u!


maria_adam said...

alhamdulillah k.haja.great.heheh nak spekin tak reti la ambo..teruskan. zai baca ni nusuk pah dale ati nah =)

hakeem said...

great job sis!though der r some gramatical errors,hehe,but still,two thumbs up! (^_^)

james said...

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