Saturday, December 17, 2011

to live happily, to live humbly

I finished reading 3 Sidney Sheldon novels in a week. An act symbolize revenge rather than obsession. Hehe.

It’s a hectic week,

We have a lot of quizes,

A lot to be studied,

Tough questions,

And a very disappointing mark.

Then it comes the AGM, it was a relief to be freed from any post. TP BEKERJA UNTUK ISLAM TAK AKAN PERNAH BERAKHIR.

Next week is a final week,

2 quizzes to go,

An assignment to be submitted and

2 presentations left.

Then final exam is coming, Ya ALLAH, make it easy for me and all my friends, hope we all pass the exam and graduate together insya ALLAH.

I miss my family. Hope everything is fine at home. =)

My husband’s exam in next week. Ya ALLAH, grant us success.

Give us strength to face tomorrow, to live happily, to live humbly.

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