Thursday, June 19, 2014

25 Mei 2014

Today is 20th of June 2014.

Its Salsabila bt Sharif day 27 of life.

She was born on her 35th week in my womb.

It was an induced delivery by using half tablet of prostin. It was inserted at 8 am of that that. The contraction pain begin at 9 am. And she was safely delivered at 1.38pm . MASYA ALLAH.

Since my Sofea was still 8 months when i was confirmed pregnant to Salsabila, and their papa worked at another state. It was a really challenging pregnancy.

We travel every weekend to papa's place to ensure he feel cared, loved and not neglected despite his super duper busy schedule. And to make sure Sofea's lovely bond with her dad remain.

I owe those moments to my little brother who accompany us and drive us every day. Pok mang! U r rock.haha

Luckily.on my 30th week i managed to be transferred to the same place with hubby.

Its a new environment for Sofea and she seem suffered.

She dislike her new nursery. She constatly  crying at home. Then i need to clean and arrange everything at the new house. Hubby is not around. i wish he work only from 8 to 5 on weekdays only. Uhh..i am stressed.

My 30th week checkup found out that i have below than normal amniotic fluid in my womb. I was referred to the main hospital. Tadaaa...the scan result said my condition is severe. And need to be warded stat! Immediately.

Suddenly i find myself lying alone in the ward. No messy house. to do.

Doctor said have a good bed rest.drink a lot of water. We'll do daily ctg to ensure the baby is fine. Biweekly dopler scan. Scan every week. We will induce you on the 34th week.

It was not easy to sit sleep and eat only without doing anything else. Because everyday before that u move a lot. Talk a lot.think a lot. And stress a lot.haha.

But i believe God grant me the moment to be near Him.

SALSABILA. its the moment where i complete reading 30juzuk quran for you. Alhamdulillah.

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