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It was during mid day of 23rd of june… I received a sms from ustaz syauqi, my lecturer who teaches me Basic Themes of Quran before:

Slm. plz refer srh al- balad:4 n relate it with ur life as stdnt. Support with relevant quranic vrs/ hdith..  submit in esay form kat ust tru’ email b4 p kntan.

Omigod! Assignment during holiday! Ohhh, I don’t want this… I then reply his sms.

Err..ustaz, is it compulsory?

ustaz syauqi instantly reply.

Wajib.u hv 1 week to complete it.

Oh, oh, oh….i’m still in holiday mood... i don’t want to do it!

Hehe.. it makes me 4 days to get back my sense and start doing it. Do it! Do it!
Ustaz, thank’s (without any sarcastic meaning… I really mean it) it a good warm up before going to Kuantan right? =)


Student is defined as person who devoted in studying profession. Being a Muslim student, it is a basic necessity to understand why the process of learning should be taken whole heartedly and not be taken for granted. History had marked that early Muslim’s success is through knowledge. Modern equipped facilities for education and learning had been established in Cordova, Spain and Baghdad, Iraq before. With the guide of Al- Quran, early Muslim becomes world class experts in various fields such as medicine, astronomy, geography, mathematics and sea voyage. The success of all Muslim scholars also being acknowledge by Non- Muslim scholars. Napoleon Bonaparte had said “I hope the time is not far off when I shall be able to unite all the wise & educated men of all the countries & establish a uniform regime based on the principles of the Quran which alone are true & which alone can lead men to happiness”.

The process of acquiring knowledge however is not an easy task. Moreover, Allah s.w.t had stated in the Holy Quran:

Verily, we have created man into toil and struggle.
(al balad : 40)

Allah mentions that this world is not a place to rest and enjoy but men has been created into toil and struggle.

In life, it is clear that the future of men depends on his struggle and effort based on the meaning of surah al- najm verse 39:

And that man can have nothing but what he does.

Thus, it is understood that students has to study hard and give extra effort in the process of acquiring knowledge in order to gain success.
The process of acquiring knowledge should be taken seriously as the level of those educated and non- educated men is different. Allah mentions it in the Quran for men to ponder.
Say are those equal, those who know and those who do not know?
(Surah Zumar: 9)

The ultimate goal of every Muslim which is to attain paradise which will only be achieved through knowledge. With knowledge men can follow the right path that will lead to a successful life in Hereafter. Knowledge in Islam is not only meaning for us and others but to act upon Allah.

It is only those who have knowledge amongst His slaves that fear Allah
(surah faathir:28)

Muslims scholars also quoted that “Knowledge is not narrating much but knowledge is fear of Allah”

By complete and comprehend understanding of the importance of knowledge, students will not give laments and study hard although sometimes they have to struggle and give extra effort in difficult subjects. Furthermore, Allah teaches every Muslim to make dua to Him. Allah likes His servant who always begging for Him during difficult or easy time.
Allah said :

“and your Lord said: invoke me (believe in me alone and ask me anything). I will respond to your (invocation). Verily, those who scorn My worship (i.e., do not believe in My oneness or ask Me), they will surely enter Hell in humiliation.”

The prophet also used to turn to Allah with the following dua: “O Allah, Lord of Jibrael, and Mikael and Israfeel, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, Who know the unseen and seen; You do decide among Your servants concerning their differences. Guide me with Your permission in the divergent views (which people hold) about Truth; for it is You Who guides Whom You will to the straight path.” (Related by Muslim).

1 day more before going to Kuantan.
Kuantan… I’m coming!

Complete my task and ustaz give his respond.

ahsanti! sebenarnya ust ada sebab ust suruh antum semua buat research and article ni.there is no mark which is proper enough to evaluate your effort.

ust nak antum semua well prepared and realize the reality of this life and life to come especially antum yg dalam bidang medic, farmasi and dentist ni. hidup ni tak pernah sunyi dengan kesusahan dan kepayahan. bahkan prof hamka sebut dalam tafsirnya al-azhar bahawa buat jahat pun satu kepayahan dan buat baik pun satu kepayahan. belajar adalah perkara baik yg perlu kepada kepayahan. berkeluarga juga perkara baik tapi perlu kepada kepayahan. berzina perbuatan jahat tapi perlu kepada kepayahan. jadi dalam menempuhi semua kepayahan ni perlulah kita bijak memilih untuk mengalami kepayahan dalam perbuatan baik atau jahat...

dan imam fakhrurazi dlm tafsir kabirnya mafatih al-ghaib jugak sebut bahawa kelazatan hidup dunia ni bukan kelazatan semata, tetapi hanya suatu proses untuk menhilangkan kepayahan. contohnya kita makan rasa sedap tapi sedap itu bukanlah kelazatan hakiki tapi hanya kekenyangan dari kepayahan kelaparan semata.

fikir2kanlah wahai anak2ku....
p/s: kirim salam kat semua anak2 ust kat sana esok.kalau turun cfs uiam jenguk2lah ayah antum ni kat ofis dia...

okay ustaz..panjang umur insya ALLAH dpt pg jalan2 pj :-)

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