Friday, January 11, 2013


Sofea was born on her 37weeks and 6 days, a week before Papa had his final Internal Medicine end posting exam.
It was a stressful week for mama and hectic week for papa because sofea was warded for 5 days post delivery, initialy due to small gestational age and later due to jaundice.
I swallow Mefenamic Acid everyday to avoid feeling any physical pain and cope on how to deal with our new born sweetheart in the ward alone. It’s not easy since this is the first time.
Today papa passed his exam, sofea is healthier and mama is happier. Alhamdulillah.
Thanks to both mums and the whole family who gave great love,care, help and concern.
We shall never ever forget all your kindness. THANK YOU ALLAH FOR EVERYTHING.


Ukhar said...

and i'm happier the most knowing the whole family is in godd condition.alhamdulillah

athirahariffin said...

happy to read this..
dear sofea, be a good daughter dear.
ni aunty athirah ariffin, aunty g melawat sofea ari tu. nanti besar kita kenal2x eh sofea comel :)

Sis Izzati said...

Salam sofea yg solehah :)

Ni aunty Izzati,pggil cikTy
Jadi budak yg LISTEN cakap
pnyejuk mata papa & mama sofea ea

K.Hajar, maahla xgi lg tgok kak &
ur sweetheart yg sbijik muka kak!
insyaAllah bukak sem.hehe