Sunday, February 22, 2009

IPhA Induction Course

22 february 2009.

Alhamdulillah. It was really a GREAT RELIEF. IPhA induction course has ended. The 3 days and 2 night’s course really test my emotional quotients (EQ). I have to admit that this is my first time ever experienced university level programme with having just 6 committees to handle this very big event. Indeed it was another story that my previous experienced though me that it still possible to do it even the number is lesser. Anyhow, when it comes to university programme, my expectation is far higher. I feel like screaming when I attend the so called ‘final touch’ meeting where it is actually the meeting to decide what slot is going to be inserted in 5 modules of the programme. The final touch should and must be the final right? Not the beginning of anything. Whatever it is I was pleased that ideas which I bombed are accepted. I only know about the final touch meeting while attending another meeting the moment before it. The whole day is more tiring and shameful. With class until 3.30 but escape it at the end to hurriedly run to 5th floor to get our advisor signature in the middle of her meeting to fill the advancement form. The advancement form is another story. When finance tells us proggramme is approved with RM 8000 will be deposited into the advisor account I innocently thought everything is settle, but procedures did not end here. The advancement form; finance don’t want it because it don’t have our advisor cop. Man, how I am able to get it while madam is in the middle of the meeting. Haah, stop. I don’t want to write about this anymore. The resort payment? Let Mr. President and Ms. vice president settle it with PO? LO? Hehe, whatever!

I am really tired and feel like crying on the Friday although I don’t have any class on that day. Please noted that this is the first time ever in Kuantan I don’t have class on Friday. (Read with smile, please =) but the feeling disappeared when I reach Duta Villa Beach Resort. Glad & happy. The saying is true; look at the world from different perspective and you will feel the different. I have a lot of thing to write but just know how happy I am to see all delightful faces of my friends. Still, there are a lot of thing to do & to think about but just take few minutes to have deep and soothing breath and feel the pleasure of having this peaceful life. My mum was once told me that the most beautiful moment in life is during campus life. When I asked how it is she said I have to experience it to know it. Thanks Ummi and amazingly few peoples who come later in my life also say the same thing. Ya, up until now the tiredness is mine but I must not forget I also get the chance to learn new things, to get new friends, to understand others more and bla bla bla... Yes, the pleasure is mine. THANK YOU ALLAH.

Special thanks to Mr. President Bro Syafiq. I think nothing can stop you from smiling and being calm. Say it is server down, cannot connect to the internet in the middle of website launching, being scolded by the staff and bla, bla, bla…everything. To dearest Ms. Sis Fiza the Vice President. For being cheerful and happy at all times. You are being so cool & enthusiastic in completing the jobs! Adorable. Belajar kecek kelate rajin rajin deh.hehe. To other fellow friends who give full commitment throughout this induction course. Thanks a lot. My father had once told me that the value of friendship is priceless. I cannot buy any friends although I have a lot of money.

Hidup ni..mcm check point saya waktu treasure hunt di sana. Mula mula senang je, Cuma perlu paskan belon ke belakang. Walaupun jaraknya jauh dan angin kuat tapi ada kawan- kawan yang boleh membantu sepanjang perjalanan. Bila dah tiba di hujung garisan rupanya ada Sudoku yang perlu diselesaikan selepas dikuis kuis dalam pasir. Sudoku senang je kalau selalu buat tapi walaupun senang boleh jadi payah jugak bila banyak tekanannya. Angin sgt kuat sampai terganggu, kumpulan lain yang dah siap, masa yang mengekang..apapun tahniah kepada semua. Cuak jugak saya tunggu korang semua kat tepi laut tu sebab air dah mula pasang, saya takut habis kena kertas Sudoku yang saya tanam dalam pasir pantai.nasib baik tak pape.alhamdulillah.

Terima kasih kerana membaca, belajar dari pengalaman sendiri adalah baik tetapi belajar dari pengalaman orang lain adalah jauh lebih baik.


Firdaus said...

Biaser aa tu, buat program ni x mudah, ade banyak kerenah birokrasi.. cuma tetapkan niat kerana Allah insyaAllah dipermudahkan

Bepang pulut said...

Terima kasih juga pada ms treasurer yg xlekang dek snyuman..Mr pres tu nmpak je tenang mase tu, dlm ati cuak je takot prog xjadi..heheh..sori 4 d so called 'final touch' meeting..hahah..harap dpt improve pasni..InsyaAllah..

hajarzainal said...

arigato..semoga dapat belajar dari pengalaman semalam